Yearly Theme 2022

I was introduced to themes from this video.

After reflecting on my theme from last year and how I’m feeling now, I realize that I mostly want to continue what I established last year. I want to build on the foundation that I lay and expand it to areas that I feel like I’m missing.

I’ve decided my theme for 2022 is the year of foundation. I want to establish the foundation for who I am for the next few years.

What do I want to do?

I want to strengthen the foundation that I established last year. I plan to continue to maintain my physical health by regularly running and doing strength exercises. I also plan to keep my mental health strong - I’ll maintain my work-life balance, quality activities during my time off, and less day-to-day stress. I’ll continue to regularly use the Focus Modes on my Apple products too so that I can be less distracted. All of this means that I’ll continue to work on the foundation to a life of quality.

I also want to build on that foundation and would like to work on some new focus areas:

I’m going to follow the same approach as I did last year to implement this theme. I’ll journal daily about the theme, reflecting on my accomplishments from the day before and what I’d like to do for the next day. I’ll also regularly reflect on larger periods of time to see if I’m directionally accurate for my 2022 theme.