Creep Review

The Creep movie series is a frightening exploration of a realistic situation with a mentally unstable person.

The realism of these movies is part of the reason they’re so scary. Instead of improbable situations or supernatural occurrences, everything is pretty much grounded in reality. The antagonist has mental health issues that drive him to be a serial killer and stalker. He acts just normal enough that you can believe his friendliness but he’s just weird enough to leave you unsettled. The antagonist’s weirdness is even explained in the first movie so his actions are all believable in the beginning. The protagonists give the serial killer multiple chances to explain himself but these chances don’t feel forced just to extend the movie. The endings of the movies just solidify the eeriness of the killer.

The best (or worst) part about a psychological horror movie is thinking about it afterwards. The movie can just creep into your mind when you’re walking around late at night and you start to wonder if there’s a psychotic killer following you around, too. When this happens, the movie kind of transcends its medium and becomes something special. I’ve thought about the Creep series a few times like this and it made me enjoy the movies more.

There are a few jump scares that occur in this movie, probably 3-5 per movie. While the scares do fit in with the theme, I think a few of them overdo it just to scare the audience. However, the good jump scares outshine the overdone ones and there aren’t so many jump scares that it detracts from the movie at all.

One of the cool things about this series is that the cast and crew size is really small. The first movie had two actors and the second movie had just three actors. It’s amazing that such a frightening series could be created by a small group of people.

Creep 1 is definitely better than Creep 2. Creep 2 seemed more like a documentary and less scary and some parts felt a lot less realistic. I’d give the first Creep a 910 and the sequel a 710.